The War to End All Wars ended fifteen years ago…

…but the legacy of the Big One continues on today. In an effort to assuage growing international tensions, the German Empire has been working in concert with the United States on a very new project: the space program.

Based on the superweapon developed by Germany during the World War, the SMS Kaiserstolz is a wonder of German engineering and collaboration with other nations. The Kaiserstolz is a large artillery shell, the largest ever built, and destined to deliver settlers and supplies to Venus, where there is thought to be verdant jungle and an atmosphere hospitable to life.

But something goes wrong. On a routine tour during Weltraumstechnologiefest, a month-long festival designed to celebrate the scientists and colonists who are making the Kaiserstolz a reality, several people are locked into the enormous shell and shot toward Venus, a week ahead of schedule.

This is their story.

Wreck of the Kaiserstolz

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