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The Basics

  • Introduction – A bit on the setting and concept of Wreck of the Kaiserstolz.
  • Aspects – Aspects for characters, scenes, factions, and the game itself.
  • Skills – Skill list and special skill rules for Wreck of the Kaiserstolz.
  • Stunts and Extras – Concept, execution, and ideas for stunts and extras.
  • Fate Points – What they are, what they do, and how to get them.

The Setting

  • Timeline – A brief history of the Big War and how it ended.
  • The Setup – What we know about what happened at Weltraumstechnologiefest.
  • People and Factions – A list of people and factions who you might encounter on Venus.
  • Glossary – Terms used in the game and in the setting that might require definitions.

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