Biolink Technology

Biolink technology was developed in America just before the Great War erupted in Europe. Originally conceived as a technology to aid farmers and ranchers connect to their dogs and other working animals, it was quickly adopted by many nations to aid in the Great War.

The technology consists of two implants, one on a human “controller”, and the other on an animal “daemon”. It allows for sensory feedback to be sent over a distance via a radio wave, allowing the controller to give the daemon commands and transmit or receive information it.

The act of linking is typically a very intimate relationship between the controller and the daemon, and often a controller will find themselves unable to link to more than one daemon, or a replacement daemon (should their daemon die). As such, controllers tend to be protective of their daemons, sometimes to the point of detriment for the controller.

Even amongst specialists, biolink technology is still widely mysterious, and some have even claimed otherworldly intervention in its invention.


The name given to the bipedal dinosaur mounts of the Kamwatti people. They are roughly 7-8 feet tall, with small grasping claws. Their small mouths and tame temperament seem to indicate that they have been bred for their role over many generations, and possess some sort of biological biolink that binds them to their riders.


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